We have a responsibility to act in the best interest of our environment and society as a whole and lessening the negative impacts on them.



Vergelegen is a trusted company who seeks to build and maintain the trust and confidence of our business partners. We gain a competitive advantage through strong performance, not unethical or illegal practices. We adopt the principles and practices of external bodies and are compliant with the following international

I. IPW certification (cellar vineyard)
II. WIETA certification (cellar vineyard)
III. ISO 14001 certification (site)
IV. ISO 45001 (site)
V. Foundation Food Safety System Certification 22000
(FSSC 22000) at the cellar
VI. Fairtrade (cellar vineyard)



The Vergelegen vision is for all children in host communities (Harmony and Nuwedorp Villages) to have access to excellent education and training. Improving levels of schooling will support improved levels of education within the greater community, the ability of school leavers to access employment. Vergelegen has been dedicated to support education projects and have worked with universities on specific and relevant projects. Vergelegen also hosts school visits at no charge, and this includes any schools which may want to visit the estate. Vergelegen has a strong focus on environment and cultural heritage and having a virtual Centre of Learning Excellence, provides opportunities to further these causes and grow post school level educational opportunities.

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