Vergelegen The Mistake Merlot 2014


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The wine shows ripe berry fruit, hints of cherry and spice with lovely fine tanins of the aftertaste. Serve at 15-17°C – it will pair beautifully with roast beef or lamb with a simple jus or mushroom sauce, or grilled beef, lamb and pork.


The vineyard, known as RL12 was planted in 2020 to clone MO 348 grafted on rootstock 101-14. The row direction is north to south on a north westerly slope. Due to row direction, care has to be taken to prevent sunburn and the formation of cooked/over ripe flavours. The vineyard is supplied with drip irrigation and neutron probes but irrigation is only needed in season where we want to promote longer hanging time.



The grapes were picked into 10 kg lug boxes and then stored for 24 hours in a refrigerated container, to ensure a temperature of 8-10° C in the grapes before processing – to slow down/ retard enzymatic reactions. The grapes were hand sorted and destemmed but not crushed. A cold soak was performed for a period of 7 days.  The temperature of the cold soak mash was controlled at 8-10°C through a combination of dry ice and cooling. The temperature of the mash increases slowly and a feral ferment develops. After the formation of 2-3% alcohol the mash is inoculated with a pure culture commercial yeast strain. The volume of the tank is calculated at a juice/wine recovery of 650 Litres/ton. The volume of the tank is pumped over the skin cap 4-6 times/day. The grapes were pressed after 26 days on the skins and run off Into stainless steel tanks for the completion of malolactic fermentation.



Merlot 100% 



Alc. 14.95 
RS2.41 g/l 
TA5.45 g/l  



The wine was matured in 50% new French barrels, 225 Litre and a combination of Taransaud and Darnajou. The wine was bottled on the 11 December 2015 after 17 months in barrel.

Vergelegen The Mistake 2015 

  • Atkin – 93
  • Platter – ’91 – 4½ stars

Vergelegen The Mistake 2014

  • Atkin – 93


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